We carry top-of-the-line equipment. We offer multiple PA self powered speakers, as well as "Bullfrog" floor sub speakers. We have amps to power these to their max sound. We also carry several special effects lighting, fog machines, and strobes. Added with our Peavey mixer we can really put on an amazing show. We cover our sound equipment with a 48" translucent facade that can also be illuminated with LED lighting. 

We also carry a monitor for showing videos, picture montages, or song lyrics for your guest. If we are doing a corporate event, this can also be used to show a branded logo that suits your company.
  1. Laptop/Music
  2. Mixer
  3. 15" PA Speakers
  4. 15" Floor Speakers
  5. TV Monitor
  6. Lighting
  7. Fog Machines
We have a hardrive packed with over 56,000 songs and over 40,000 karaoke songs. We cover music from every genre and age range. We can use this to customize you a playlist, take request, or a combination of both. While it's impossible to have every song in the world, we think we can cover most request.
Our mixer is a state-of-the-art Peavey PV-6. It can handle all of our speakers and all 4 of our microphones. This can be fine tuned to bring just that right sound for any occasion. 
​We have two 400 Watt PA speakers. Each speaker contains a 15" sub. These are great for announcements, public speaking, or just playing music. When spread out they really cover a lot of area and sound great.
​These are 15" floor sub speakers. These are great when we need that more powerful sound. We power these with a Peavey amp and really create some noise. The sound from these is amazing and really compliment our other speakers.
​We offer a TV monitor for our karaoke service. It can also be utilized for pictures, slideshows, videos, or any other graphics you would like to have present. We usually carry a 42" TV but can bring a 50" if needed.
​We usally bring 2 LED disco-type lights. However, we can bring more for bigger events. Our lights are sound activated and the motion is set to the music beats. These lights really set off the scene and bring life to a party.
​Our fog machines are great for events that need that special effect. We can bring one or both depending on the need. They really set off the lighting in a party or bar type scene.